Wolves defeated Liverpool 3-0, bringing the Reds’ season-long struggles to a new low.

Wolverhampton Wanderers’ supporters sang “ole” in response to a protracted period of passing as their team finished Saturday’s utterly spectacular demolition of Liverpool.

That was something Reds supporters were frequently able to do to their opponents in previous seasons, but as the disappointing season unfolds, those times seem like a long time ago.

This 3-0 loss at Molineux was possibly worse than last month’s 3-0 loss at Brighton, which seemed like a big low. After all, Wolves began Saturday in the relegation zone while the Seagulls are aiming for a top-seven finish.

Additionally, Liverpool’s most recent setback was the first time since 2012 that they had dropped three straight Premier League away games. They have scored only one goal and given up nine since the new year, which is not the best performance with the Merseyside derby coming up.

Boss Jurgen Klopp said, “We have to change it right away in the next game.”

“We need to make a message once more since Everton won today and they are in a good mood.”

Match report: Wolves’ defeat of Liverpool extends their woes
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Responses to the Premier League games on Saturday
Twelve miserable minutes
With a terrible opening, Klopp self-inflicted the damage against Wolves.

The home team, which was enthusiastic and assured right away, took advantage of Liverpool’s sluggish start to go ahead after five minutes. Once Hwang Hee-chan had gained access from behind on the right, Joel Matip deflected his cross into the goal.

While the first goal had an element of poor luck, the second was the result of terrible defending seven minutes later when Liverpool failed to clear the ball within their own area, allowing Craig Dawson, making his debut for Wolves, to drive in.

Those errors resulted in goals, but Liverpool played with lots of blunders during that disastrous start.

In the post-game news conference, a frustrated-looking Klopp bemoaned, “We inflicted the pain with the first 12 minutes.” It is not possible.

In a game like this, it is not permitted, he continued. Because those 12 minutes are not permitted, you are free to criticize and assess us.

issues in every sector
Liverpool loses to Wolves by a third goal.
More goals have been given up by Liverpool this season than they did the entire previous campaign. This is despite the fact that the Reds’ midfield has not been strengthened in either of the last two transfer windows.

However, despite the latter area having been greatly enhanced, both the defense and the attack have performed much below expectations this campaign.

It goes without saying that injuries haven’t helped, but Saturday’s disastrous start was reminiscent of Liverpool’s early-season performances, when they gave up the first goal in five of their first seven games.

The Reds have now given up three goals in each of their last three away Premier League games, losing to Brentford, Brighton, and now Wolves. With the most recent treble, they have now given up more goals (28 in 20 games) than they did throughout the whole 2018–19 campaign (26 in 38 games).

Liverpool did conclude the previous season with four straight victories, so they do have the ability to turn things around. However, their attack needs to start scoring again because they have only scored once in their last 360 minutes of Premier League play.

When asked if he still has faith in his team to recapture the form that let them contend for several titles the previous year, Klopp responded, “I don’t lose faith in the boys, but we have to improve, and that is what we are working on.”

Can Klopp change the narrative of being “fired in the morning”?
Wolves supporters delighted in tormenting Klopp with cries of “you’re getting dismissed in the morning” as the game on Saturday came to a close.

Although it was meant in jest, Klopp is unquestionably up against his toughest test in the eight years he has spent at Anfield.

James McFadden, a former Scotland and Everton forward, remarked on BBC Radio 5 Live that it is amusing that supporters are screaming for Jurgen Klopp to be fired.

“Check out the work he accomplished at that club. Even though the season is still in progress, it has already been labeled a letdown.

Despite how painful it is for me to say it given my Everton ties, Jurgen Klopp is a fantastic manager and clearly has the resources to turn things around.

On February 13, Liverpool will play Everton at Anfield, and a win there might give them the lift they need to turn around their fortunes.

When asked if he had confidence in his own capacity to save the Reds, Klopp replied, “Yes. Absolutely.”

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