Why the Glazers might decide to remain at Old Trafford, according to Manchester United

Since Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani and then Ineos confirmed their interest in purchasing the Old Trafford club, Manchester United has been the focus of heated discussion over the last three days.

The prospective sale price has been estimated at around £4.5 billion.

Although interest from the United States and possibly Saudi Arabia was anticipated, it is unknown if further bidders have entered the race.

The Glazer family has controlled United since a £790 million ($1.34 billion) sale was completed in 2005, however it is believed that US-based Elliott Investment Management is offering to put together an investment package that would allow the Glazer family to keep some type of participation in the club.

In November, United stated that, in addition to an outright sale, they were “considering all strategic possibilities” to “strengthen the club,” including fresh investment.

What follows is what?
It is anticipated that additional negotiations concerning the next stages will take place between the Glazer family and the Raine Group, who are handling expressions of interest.

Access to United’s “data room,” which contains all of their financial information, including specifics regarding contracts and sponsorship deals, will be granted to those who have made offers in the interim.

This sensitive data is protected, and everybody who enters must sign agreements promising to either destroy it right away if they decide not to accept an offer or not to use it in any way that could harm United.

The Raine Group had intended to wrap up everything by the end of March, and according to prior statements made to BBC Sport, there was no doubt everything would be finished by the end of the season at the very least.

The Glazers could they stay?
Although this is what many have focused on, club sources have emphasized that “strategic alternatives” did not only entail a sale since the initial announcement last year.

It is now known that the Raine Group contacted Sheikh Jassim and Ineos to ask them to avoid using language they deemed to be venom in public, such as returning United to its “golden years,” which they perceived to be an implied attack of the Glazers.

Some people have viewed this as increasing the likelihood that the family will maintain control. Why would they care what was said about them if they were leaving anyhow, especially because it’s hard to claim that United has made much progress in terms of winning trophies since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement in 2013?

Although the club lists six Glazer siblings as directors, co-chairmen Joel and Avram have long been seen as having the strongest ties to United.

According to sources who spoke to BBC Sport, Joel Glazer has been one of the loudest advocates for the team staying at its present Old Trafford location rather than erecting a brand-new stadium. Because the current squad plays on the same field as all the prior ones, dating back to 1910, he loves the heritage that comes with it.

What might the supporters think about that?
In a nutshell, not much. When fans forced the postponement of the Premier League match against Liverpool in May 2021 by breaking into the stadium before kickoff and destroying all the Covid-19 procedures, protests have become a common occurrence at games.

At every game, there are songs sung against the Glazer family.

The 1958, a group of followers who have made it their mission to oust the Glazer family, made a strident message on social media on Monday.

It contained the following: “The Glazers will never be liked and are generally detested. They’ve finished.”

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