There will be no repercussions for Alexander Zverev in light of the domestic violence claims.

Alexander Zverev, the former world number two, won’t be subject to punishment after a probe into domestic abuse claims.

According to the ATP investigation, there was “insufficient evidence” to support the charges made by Olya Sharypova, the German’s ex-girlfriend.

She accused Zverev, 25, of using physical and emotional abuse during their relationship in 2020; he denies these accusations.

Should new information become available, the ATP decision might need to be “re-evaluated.”

The organization that oversees men’s professional tennis claimed it hired the Lake Forest Group, a private investigation firm, to look into the claims.

Additionally, it spoke with 24 other persons, including players, family members, and friends, and conducted “detailed interviews with both Sharypova and Zverev.”

Text messages, audio recordings, and images were examined throughout the 15-month probe, which included included information “voluntarily taken from Zverev’s electronic devices by a third-party forensic expert.”

The investigation “was unable to substantiate the allegations of abuse due to a lack of reliable evidence and eyewitness reports, in addition to inconsistent statements by Sharypova, Zverev, and other interviewees,” the ATP stated.

Two-time Tour Finals champion Zverev rose to the second spot in June of last year before sustaining a major ankle injury during a match against Rafael Nadal at the French Open. This month saw his comeback to action.

After Sharypova brought forward additional allegations of abuse in 2021, Zverev filed a lawsuit against her and an internet publisher. Additionally, he supported the ATP’s introduction of a domestic violence policy.

The incident, according to ATP Chief Executive Officer Massimo Calvelli, “showed the necessity for us to be more sensitive on safeguarding problems.”

According to him, a rigorous investigation procedure and lots of resources were needed because of the sensitivity and complexity of the claims.

Additionally, it forced us to seek out specialized detectives, which was uncharted territory for ATP.

In 2021, the ATP ordered a different independent safeguarding report.

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