The feats of Tom Brady cannot be matched: sports agent

Following Tom Brady’s retirement from the NFL on Wednesday, sports agent Doug Elridge discussed why he thinks the quarterback is the best football player of all time on “Your World.”

He is without a doubt the Ponce de Leon of professional sports, and nobody has ever maintained this level of play at this age in any sport, according to DOUG ELRIDGE. It’s amazing. Even if you’re not a fan of Brady, it’s a sad day for sports enthusiasts. But I do believe that Tom’s time on the pitch has come to an end.

Announcing his “FINAL RETIRING,” Tom Brady

There are plenty of choices, and there are plenty of skills. Tom still had all three of the categories that, ordinarily, one door would close for you open. But after you reach the age of 45, you must keep in mind that most players enter the league at 21 and leave before they reach 24 according to statistics. They leave before becoming eligible for cheaper auto insurance. Brady lived for 20 more years than that.

He might come out of retirement. The future? However, I believe now is the ideal time given the number of miles on the tires and all he has been through this year both on and off the field. There is nothing more to demonstrate. Nobody will ever miss their marks or even just break them. He leads the league in total touchdown passes, total yards passed, Super Bowl appearances (10), and wins (7).

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