Sixth police officer fired under Tyre Nichols

According to the Memphis police department, a sixth police officer who was involved in the actions that resulted in Tyre Nichols’ arrest has been fired.

Officer Preston Hemphill “violated many department protocols,” including those governing the use of stun guns, according to an internal police inquiry.

Father Mr. Nichols, 29, passed away in the hospital three days after being stopped and assaulted by police.

Five additional police officers have already lost their jobs and been given murder charges.

Tyre Nichols was he?
Mr. Hemphill, a Memphis police officer since 2018, was placed on administrative leave while an investigation into his involvement in Mr. Nichols’ detention was conducted. But it wasn’t until Monday that this information became public.

According to a police statement made public on Friday, Mr. Hemphill had broken laws governing “personal conduct” and “truthfulness” in addition to those governing the use of a stun gun.

While we disagree with this firing, Preston Hemphill will continue to cooperate with the authorities in the inquiry into Mr. Nichols’ death, his attorney, Lee Gerald, told Reuters.

Following Mr. Nichols’ removal from his vehicle during a traffic stop, an officer may be seen in videos released by Memphis police last week using a Taser on him.

Mr. Nichols was able to flee the scene before being apprehended and severely beaten by police.

The murder of Mr. Nichols, who was also black, was allegedly committed by five officers, all of whom are black.

Additionally fired for failing to provide Mr. Nichols with sufficient medical care on the site were three Memphis emergency personnel.

The name of the suspended seventh officer is unknown.

Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy stated in remarks published by Reuters that additional police officers, emergency personnel, and anyone who documented the incident may also face criminal prosecution.

The death of Tyre Nichols has sparked protests and reopened the topic of police violence in the US.

US Vice President Kamala Harris attended his funeral earlier this week, as his heartbroken family made a cry for justice and reform.

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