Rishi Sunak apologizes for not using a seatbelt while driving.

After Rishi Sunak was caught on camera not using a seatbelt while a passenger in a moving vehicle, Lancashire Police launched a “investigation” into him.

The prime minister issued an apology, calling it a “mistake of judgment” to remove his seatbelt in order to record a social media footage.

The maximum fine for seat belt violations is £500.

According to his spokesperson, Mr. Sunak “totally realizes this was a mistake and apologizes.”


The PM “believes everyone should wear a seat belt,” the spokesman continued.

According to the BBC, the prime minister was traveling through the north of England when the video was shot, and he was in Lancashire at the time.

The video was previously put on Mr. Sunak’s Instagram account to promote the government’s most recent round of “leveling up” expenditure.

As the automobile moves along and police motorcycles momentarily appear in the distance, Mr. Sunak can be seen speaking to the camera for about a minute.

Unless exempted by a legitimate exception, passengers who are discovered not using a seat belt while one is provided could be issued an immediate £100 punishment. If the matter is brought before a judge, the fine might rise to £500.

“Tearful watching”
After Mr. Sunak was spotted last year failing to use his card to complete a contactless payment, Labour said that his video contributed to “endless uncomfortable viewing.”

According to a spokeswoman, “Rishi Sunak doesn’t know how to manage a seat belt, his bank card, a train service, the economy, or this country.”

This list is becoming longer every day, which is excruciating to see.

The incident came after the prime minister received criticism for taking an RAF jet for a round of official visits on Thursday.

In the plane, Mr. Sunak traveled 230 miles from London to Blackpool, and then 120 miles to Darlington.

“It looks like the PM is getting too used to flying around in private aircraft that he’s forgotten to wear a seat belt in a car,” said Daisy Cooper, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats.

In cars, vans, and other goods vehicles where seat belts are provided, passengers must wear them if they are 14 years of age or older. Drivers are in charge of passengers under the age of 14.

Exemptions include being in a vehicle utilized for a police, fire, or other rescue service, or having a doctor’s certificate for a medical cause.

Except in Northern Ireland, those who get a citation for failing to use a seatbelt cannot currently receive penalty points on their license.

But in October, Katherine Fletcher, the minister of transportation, stated that the government was thinking about imposing penalty points in England.

“Seat belts were not used in 30% of all car occupant fatalities in 2021, according to records. This is just too high, “She told Barry Sheerman, a Labour MP.

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