Real Madrid claims that the Uefa compensation plan is “insufficient” after the Champions League final.

Real Madrid has urged that all supporters be compensated, calling Uefa’s proposal to reimburse some spectators who attended the Champions League final last year “insufficient”.

According to an unbiased investigation, Uefa is “mostly responsible” for the disorderly situations that “almost led to calamity” outside the Stade de France in Paris.

Real Madrid has stated they will not participate in the “limited” reimbursement plan proposed by Uefa.

The club demands “rectification and full responsibility” from Uefa.

The European governing body declared on Tuesday that it would issue refunds to spectators who purchased tickets for certain stadium sections for the Real Madrid vs. Liverpool final, which took place on May 28.

The Liverpool FC ticket allocation for the final, or 19,618 tickets, is covered by the refund program, according to Uefa.

After a 36-minute delay, the game began with fans being confined inside and being teargassed outside.

It was “amazing no one lost their life,” according to the report, which Uefa commissioned and released last month.

Real Madrid responded by stating: “The fact is that all of the fans endured an unacceptable delay in the opening of the game.

Also, there was intolerable lack of protection when entering and exiting the stadium, in addition to additional harm including theft, assaults, and threats.

Uefa has been approached by BBC Sport for additional comment.

The following fans will receive refunds from Uefa:

had tickets for gates A, B, C, X, Y, and Z at the Stade de France, the area where many Liverpool fans were bottlenecked and faced overcrowding issues, according to the stadium’s access control data, who did not enter the stadium before the game was scheduled to start (21:00 local time), who purchased accessibility tickets, and who were not able to enter the stadium at all.
Real Madrid stated that it had spoken with Uefa about the refund plan and “trusted at all times” that the reimbursement for all fans would be in line with the findings of the unbiased investigation.

They stated, “Unfortunately, we believe the Uefa proposal is insufficient.

“All of the fans who attended the final were victims of Uefa’s poor organization and saw their personal safety endangered, according to the report’s substance, which was requested by Uefa itself.

“The truth is that all the fans suffered, whether they were able to enter the stadium or not, or if they did so at the appointed time, which was in any case caused by the unusual behavior of the fans of the two clubs.

Real Madrid has chosen not to participate in the Uefa-sponsored restricted compensation plan as a result, which we urge to correct and for which we demand full accountability.

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