Michael Vaughan: Racism allegations in Yorkshire cricket are a “bad picture for the game.”

The disciplinary inquiry investigating the charges of racism at Yorkshire, according to former England captain Michael Vaughan, is a “bad look” for cricket.

Azeem Rafiq and three other Asian players are said to have heard Vaughan say, “There’s too many of you lot, we need to have a discussion about it,” before a T20 encounter in Yorkshire in 2009.

The claim has been “totally and absolutely” refuted by Vaughan, who reiterated this position when testifying for the first time during the hearing on Friday.

The 48-year-old was skeptical of the process and said he contacted Rafiq in November 2021 because “the whole scenario was spiraling out of control”.

Racism hearing for Yorkshire cricket: Vaughan provides testimony live
racism in cricket in Yorkshire: Rafiq remembers the alleged Vaughan insult “perfectly.”
racism in Yorkshire cricket

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