Mark Cavendish home invasion burglary: Two guys are jailed

Two guys have been sentenced to prison for robbing Mark Cavendish’s family at knifepoint.

On November 27, 2021, burglars Romario Henry, 31, of south-east London, and Ali Sesay, 28, of Kent, broke into Mr. Cavendish’s Ongar, Essex, home.

Henry was convicted on two counts of robbery last month despite his denials of the charges. At a previous hearing, Sesay entered a guilty plea.

Henry was given a sentence of 15 years in prison, while Sesay received a 12-year term.

The Olympian, who was recovering after breaking his ribs in a cycling crash, was allegedly threatened with a knife by the hooded attackers who burst into Mr. Cavendish’s house.

There were Peta, Mr. Cavendish’s wife, and their kids in the house.

Mrs. Cavendish said the crime had “changed a loving family home into a continuous reminder of threat and fear” while fighting back tears during the sentencing.

Romario Henry, 31, of south-east London, and Ali Sesay, 28, both of Kent,

picture caption
Romario Henry, 31, of south-east London, received a 15-year sentence for the heist, while Ali Sesay, 28, of Kent, received a 12-year sentence.
She stated in the witness box, reading her victim’s personal statement, that the family “may perhaps sell the property owing to the continued worry,” but that doing so in the current economic context could result in “substantial loss.”

When the raid took place, Mrs. Cavendish claimed she was “early in the pregnancy” and that a moment when she “should have been pleased and excited” had instead become one of tension and concern.

During the trial, she had described to the jury how she had covered her three-year-old child, who was sleeping next to her, with a duvet to keep him or her from seeing what was going on.

Among the goods taken in the raid at around 02:30 GMT were two Richard Mille watches with estimated retail values of £400,000 and £300,000.

Watch worn by Mark Cavendish
Among the things confiscated was a Peta Cavendish watch, which was worth £400,000 and £300,000. Image source: Essex Police
Mr. and Mrs. Cavendish served as brand advocates for the Richard Mille watches that were taken in the robbery.
According to testimony given in court, Mr. Cavendish, who shares the record for the most Tour de France stage victories, had his watch, phone, and safe stolen.

His wife had her watch, phone, and luggage stolen.

“This was premeditated, targeted, coordinated, vicious offending intended at a globally renowned sportsmen and his wife who just so happened to be brand advocates for exceedingly priceless Richard Mille watches,” Judge David Turner said in his sentence remarks.

One of the burglars “dragged” her husband “off his feet and started pounding him,” Mrs. Cavendish testified to the jury during the trial.

She claimed that one of them had him in a headlock and that another asked, “Where’s the watches?” and “Do you want me to stab you?” while holding a large black knife to his throat.

She concurred that it was a knife in the Rambo fashion.

Following the sentencing, Peta Cavendish spoke outside Chelmsford Crown Court.
Following the sentencing, Mrs. Cavendish spoke outside Chelmsford Crown Court.
After the verdict was read, she addressed the crowd outside the court, saying, “No family should ever experience what we did, and I’m glad that two of the people have been condemned to jail today for large periods of time.

Any parent will, I’m sure, realize that no amount of prison time could make up for what they did to us that night, regardless of the penalty.

George Goddard and Jo Jobson Police said they were looking for two men, George Goddard and Jo Jobson (right), in connection with the incident. Det Insp Tony Atkin, of the Essex Police, said: “The Cavendish family’s strength has been incredible since this incident, throughout the investigation, and throughout the trial.

“Today, we witnessed the sentencing of two individuals for their roles in an occurrence that, as Peta claims, no family should ever experience.

They unfortunately did. Since then, we have done everything possible to find those responsible.

In connection with the incident, police stated they were looking for two men named George Goddard and Jo Jobson.

Man convicted of breaking into Mark Cavendish’s house
Mark Cavendish’s wife claims he has mobility issues when the thief held a knife to his throat.
In addition to the 12-year term for the robbery, Sesay, of Rainham, Kent, was sentenced to an additional eight years in prison after admitting to six unconnected firearms offenses.

For Sesay, attorney Graeme Molloy stated that the defendant had admitted to taking part in the crime and was “deeply regretful for his role” in it.

The defendant’s brother was killed three and a half months prior to the heist, according to Archangelo Power for Henry, and this had a “major influence” on the defendant’s “psychological make-up.”

Together with co-defendant Oludewa Okorosobo, 28, of Flaxman Road, Camberwell, south London, who was found not guilty, Henry, of Bell Green, Lewisham, testified at the trial.

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