FA to appeal the ex-Crawley Town manager’s 18-month suspension, according to John Yems

The decision to sentence former Crawley Town manager John Yems to an 18-month suspension for using racial remarks will be appealed by the Football Association.

The ruling board feels that Yems deserves “a longer sanction.”

After an examination in November, an impartial panel judged him accountable for using racial slurs towards his players.

According to a source, the 63-year-old made jokes about a Muslim player being a terrorist and used “offensive, racist, and Islamophobic” language.

Earlier last week, the FA stated that it “fundamentally disagrees” with the independent panel’s conclusion that Yems’ remarks did not constitute “conscious racism.”

Yems uttered “offensive, racist, and Islamophobic” epithets.
FA disputes the claim that Yems abuse was “not intentional racism.”
Angry about being called a “not consciously racist” manager
In response to “serious and credible charges” that he treated his players unfairly between 2019 and 2022, Yems was suspended by Crawley on April 23, 2018.

13 days later, two days after the FA declared it was looking into the claims against him, he ended his relationship with the League Two team.

Yems pleaded guilty to one FA accusation of making remarks that made reference to ethnic origin, race, nationality, religion, gender, or color, but he vigorously contested 15 additional allegations.

The independent regulatory commission prohibited Yems until the first of June 2024 after finding that 11 of them were proven true and four were not.

The FA withdrew a further accusation of racial discrimination at the club before to the hearing.

In his defense, Yems “categorically denied that he was in any way racist,” according to the tribunal’s report.

Former Sheffield United striker Tony Agana, barrister Robert Englehart KC, and Wolverhampton Wanderers club secretary Matt Wild made up the panel.

The FA’s decision to challenge the duration of the punishment was “totally justified,” according to the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA).

According to Jason Lee, senior equalities education executive for the PFA, “[the disciplinary commission’s] full written reasons essentially excuse behavior and language that has led to 11 charges of discriminatory behavior being upheld and a ban being given.” Jason Lee made more than 650 appearances during a 23-year career.

They made an entirely superfluous and, in our opinion, absolutely unjustifiable justification.

Many people have been enraged and angered by them. Every person is accountable for the effects of their actions and words. There should be no justifications given.

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