Detained at a German coal protest was Greta Thunberg

At a demonstration outside a town in western Germany, climate activist Greta Thunberg was taken into custody by police.

She had been participating in a demonstration alongside campaigners to prevent the demolition of the abandoned community of Lützerath so that a coal mine could be expanded.

According to police, BBC After having her ID examined, Ms. Thunberg would be released without being detained.

According to authorities, a group “rushed towards the ledge” of the Garzweiler 2 mine before Ms. Thunberg was captured.

They further stated that after their identities had been verified, everyone who had been detained in the group would be freed without being charged.

Lützerath and the Garzweiler 2 mine are separated by around 9 kilometers (5.6 miles). Three police officers were seen bringing Ms. Thunberg away from the demonstration in a video taken on the spot.

Additionally, police confirmed to Reuters that one man dove into the mine.

Greta Thunberg raises her thumb while being photographed on a bus.
The Swedish activist is seen seated in a bus after being detained by police.
Coal burning, according to activists, undercuts Germany’s efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions. By 2030, the nation intends to completely phase out coal-fired power.

The region around Lützerath produces 25 million tonnes of lignite each year, the dirtiest type of coal.

The village, which was acquired by the energy company RWE after its occupants left, is anticipated to be the last one to be destroyed for the lignite mine.

The coal beneath the community will be required as early as this winter, according to the energy provider.

Police estimated that there were more like 15,000 protesters on Saturday compared to the organizers’ estimate of 35,000.

According to police, they were successful in expelling all protestors from the town over the weekend. In video from Sunday, Ms. Thunberg and other demonstrators could be seen being escorted by police.

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