According to Steve Borthwick, there is no “quick remedy” for tackle height in rugby.

There is no “quick remedy” for enhancing player safety, according to England head coach Steve Borthwick, but tackle height needs to be addressed.

With the exception of the Premiership and Championship, the Rugby Football Union is dropping tackle height to the waist as of the upcoming season.

Both professional players and players from the community game have criticized it.

“Everyone, in my opinion, wants to identify the ideal answer. Is there a quick cure or solution? No, “Borthwick said.

“But is attempting to solve the problem the proper course of action? Absolutely. I’m aware that the RFU will soon release more information on this, and I believe that World Rugby and other nations are working to find a solution.

“We want to maintain the safety component while maintaining the challenging, physically demanding nature of this game.”

In response to worries over a player exodus, the RFU said it will clarify the new tackle laws.

Players, coaches, and referees will receive “clear guidelines” from the governing body.

The new tackle law, according to former referee Nigel Owens, will “make life harder” for game officials.

He stated: “Since it is a contact sport, the referees require complete clarity above everything else.

“Having a change in the behavior to referee it is going to be very difficult, I would believe, unless there is great clarity about this.”

According to players in the community and top league, the law change would not result in a decrease in concussions.

Johnny Sexton, the captain of Ireland, said “I disagree with that. It’s not like hitting someone’s knees can’t cause a concussion. Strongly disagree. The tackles that need to be avoided are the careless ones.”

Rocky Clark, a former England player, added: “Having trouble understanding the new tackle height modifications. Although safety must always come first, I am not sure how this can be done and followed.

“My main worries are interpretation and potential knees to the head. Let alone us older, larger people falling so low.”

More than 55 amateur athletes who claim that World Rugby, the Wales Rugby Union, and the RFU failed to adequately protect them from head injuries presented their case for a potential lawsuit, prompting the RFU to modify its policies.

Borthwick, whose first England game will be in charge when they face Scotland on February 4th, added: “The [England] defense is coached by Kevin Sinfield, who has stated repeatedly that he wants to see us tackle lower.

“I believe that is the proper course of action. We won’t get things right the first time; there will be blunders and errors, but our goal is to try and alter patterns.”

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